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Natura Fit is a family owned company located in central Bulgaria, region known for its ideal agricultural climate. The company produces, processes, and packs organic and conventional dried fruits and vegetables. Significant part of the raw material comes from own orchards and agricultural fields. It enables us to ensure fully rounded traceability of the ready-to-eat product. Further, we are proud to cooperate with local farmers who supply us with high quality fresh fruits and vegetables from the very horticultural region of Bulgaria.

Over 80% of all production goes export to mainly EU countries. In order to assure best quality products, Natura Fit possesses IFS Food certificate, organic certificate, HACCP and GMP, which guarantee the highest hygienic standards. Natura Fit has  its retail brand Koshtilakov, which offers healthy snacks produced in an innovative way.


  • Largest independent producer in dried fruits sector in Bulgaria
  • Organic certified production
  • Trustworthy long-standing relationships with the local farmers
  • Our clients are some of the largest companies in dried fruits and nuts sector
  • Active cooperation with the national Institute for Food and Food Development
  • Full vertical integration in production, processing and packaging


  • OVER 7.500 MT

    Annual total volume of processed raw material of fruits and vegetables
  • 1.800 MT

    Annual production capacity of dried prunes
  • 300 MT

    of dried prunes from own orchards (50 ha in total)


It had been right after the change of the economic system in the early 90’s in Bulgaria when Dancho Koshtilakov decided to work on his own and set up with a couple of partners the agricultural company of Hissar-Agra. This company is since then in business and focuses on agricultural cultivation and subsequently trading with fresh fruits and vegetables. Later on, after years of successful business with the fresh commodity, Dancho managed to build up a brand new factory to produce mainly dried fruits and vegetables – Natura Fit. It was a big step further which gives us the opportunity to produce a final ready to eat product with our own retail and wholesale labels respecting a one-of-a-kind processing technology. Along with conventional dried products, we produce also fine confectionery products on natural basis – dried fruits. They are healthier, innovative and delicious!